Band Profile

The current Line-up has been together for about 2 years now, and the aim is to try and provide the best in covers from the last couple of decades or so. We are constantly trying to update our repertoire and look for songs to be included that we are able put our own slant on...

Steve Houghton – Vocals

Originally from Blackpool, Steve now lives in Newport South Wales. He began singing in public when a Newquay Landlady saw him Busking, and has since been vocalist in several bands including an 8 piece Soul/Funk outfit.
Steve also plays guitar, a talent he's used when singing in an acoustic duo and playing the Bristol pub scene for about 3 years as a solo act.
Steve likes most musical styles but prefers Rock & Blues.

Trevor Hyams – Guitar/Vocals

Trev has been playing guitar for about 27 years now, although sometimes you wouldn’t think it! He's been in various bands from around Bristol prior to joining Dusk.
His main influences are Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, Mark Knopfler, Joe Walsh and Rory Gallagher. Trev's main guitar is a Fender ‘Eric Clapton’ signature Stratocaster guitar, with a Yamaha SG3000 Custom Pro as a backup, put through a Soldano amp and a whole bank of pedals and gizmo's including the wierd and wonderful Talk Box...

Jon Hadden – Guitars

Jon is the youngest member of the band (by quite a margin!), and has been with DUSK almost since the beginning.
Heavily into Queen and Led Zeppelin, Jon is a fan of all music, but the blues/rock style is his preference.
Jon and Trev have created a great guitar partnership combining their styles and sounds within the band. Jon’s main guitar is his (heavily modified and quite worn!) Gibson Les Paul, but also uses an Epiphone G-1275 Doubleneck, a kit made Telecaster for open E slide and his most recent addition a Fender Mexican Strat.

Dave Smith – Bass/Vocals

Originally from London, Dave started playing in bands whilst at school. He moved to Bristol in 1974 and joined the band HandOverFist not long after that. Dave retired in the early eighties to do the family thing but with more time on his hands these days, started DUSK in 2000 with his brother-in-law STEVE PAGE on drums and ex-work colleague ALAN ARMER on guitar. Dave's main influences are Yes, Genesis, It Bites, King Crimson and more.

Mitch Parks – Drums

Mitch is the solid base upon which the bands sound is founded and has been playing drums for longer than he cares to remember - or perhaps is prepared to admit! Mitch enjoys most styles of music, coming to the band around the same time as Trevor. Mitch's drumming contributes to the band in a big way.